NLP is the way of life that leads to much more quality of life! - GROEI ACADEMIE

NLP is the way of life that leads to much more quality of life!

My wife (Marleen Devisch) and I (Alex Peeters) are becoming happier together because we are becoming more and more successful at it!

In a not-so-long, bygone time, the spark between Marleen and I flew, a moment for us to cherish immensely, for life.

It seemed like a never-ending game of attraction, and every time I wanted to retrieve ‘the fish’, and the game changed into a game of repulsion. Now I find all this quite funny. After all, the surname of my wife is ‘Devisch’, in Englisch ‘the fish’ 🙂

That particular evening on my way to an event nearby her home, when I became aware of her strategy of attraction and repulsion, the fish hooked itself almost immediately,  thanks to NLP. And haul in the fish could begin 🙂

And real fishermen know that catching a big fish requires skill, especially the fisherman. And I didn’t have it at the time. I had only just started practicing NLP you see. On the one hand, I saw its potential, and at first, I saw in her something that as it developed, my heart burns on fire, while naturally, I am one mind with her love for me. And this brought me moments of very intense happiness. And from that, I wanted more, much more, again.

Quite difficult to sustain at the beginning, until the day when we each had the propulsion system for ourselves, completely in line with the addictive idea of loving each other, to have more and more moments of happiness per day on average. .. at work as well as at home. In what we do together and in what we want to do alone…

In addition, continue to believe in your ideals, and adjust them every now and then, just like the sensory testresults, always in line with my, and our, physical personal, and communal satisfaction along the way, fully aware of the pain it gives us will be the day these settlements fall away. And this with the sole aim that we both, each in his way, will always become happier, and this is in line with what matters to each of us.

The more we master NLP in our lives, the easier it becomes to say that my old environment was wrong, because, at that time they made me fully believe that it was impossible to live with me.

My brain is different, my way of thinking is often different, my way of dealing with feelings is different, and in my behavior, Marleen noticed a huge lack of basic communication skills.

By now, we know that it can be done differently. People who are different, as well as others, with the necessary propulsion systems in them, can learn these missing skills, and so much more.

When I see how many people there are who appear to be much less happy in my view of the world, I wonder how restrictive the label: ‘the masses’ must be.

However, I am fully aware that, to this day, they have not been as privileged as I have been.

However, what is not may still come… and remember, within The Society of NLP many live what they train… on your path to ever greater happiness and success, in both your life and in the life of others!

For this reason, a very special thank you to Dr. Richard Bandler, John & Kathleen La Valle, and Marco Valerio Ricci, my mentor who knows better than anyone how to realign my brain with every challenge, and this is more and more in line with my ideals. And also Mark Innegraeve, who started my passion for NLP.


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